We get lots of requests to share links but these are people and organisations that we are confident work to our levels of customer care:


Car hire: a highly professional company offering an excellent level of service. www.hellehollis.com

We have been offered a commission for recommending our guests to Helle Hollis – based at Málaga airpoort – but we prefer to pass this on to you.  Once you have made a reservation with us we will forward you the details so that you can get 15% discount on the normal Airport rates.


Bird Watching: Enjoy a day out with Peter Jones; an unforgettable experience combining great fun with a passion for his expertise. Peter will take you off the beaten track and entertain you all the way.  www.spanishbirds.com


Walking and Wildlife: Eva Bratek has worked hard to enstablish herself as one of the very best guides in this area and reports from all levels of guests are exemplary. www.spanishmountains.com


Outdoor activiities: Based in Ronda, Pangea offer a professional introduction to many more demanding activiites in our area including rock-climbing, canoeing, caving and many more. Professional and reliable. www.pangea.com
(For more details on outdoor activities, click here).



Companies and other people who support us…

GREENTOURS – visitors to Molino for over 20 years. General wildlife and botany groups come to Molino and we know from first-hand experience that their trips to other places are equally good.


ALASTAIR SAWDAY GUIDES – we were the first hotel to be contracted for inclusion in their Spanish guide and are pleased to have a long associaion with this well-organised and dependable series of guide books. The guide books we would turn to if we were looking for special places to stay anywhere.


INNTRAVEL – well-organised and responsible walking company who have used Molino as a base for many, many years. Although now owned by one of the larger travel companies, the Inntravel arm has continued to offer a personal and caring service based on attention to detail.


SPLEZ – Our website designers and support – friendly and professional.  www.splez.com


Have we forgotten anyone? If you’d like to be considered for inclusion in this section please contact us – it’s hard to remember all the lovely people we have met over the years.