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Molino del Santo is a beautiful rural boutique hotel tucked away by a mountain stream near Ronda. Family-owned, it has been owned and managed by Andy Chapell and Pauline Elkin since its beginnings in 1987. Molino has won many awards over the years including “Best Countryside Hotel in Spain”, “Most Romantic Hotel in Spain” and for the last five years has been the winner of Trip Advisor Awards.

Whether you are looking for a place for a romantic weekend away, a short relaxing in the gardens or by the pool, a week’s walking or exploration of the stunning Grazalema Natural Park a place for a family holiday or to celebrate a special event, Molino del Santo is the ideal place to visit for your holiday in Southern Spain.

Welcome to Molino

At the Molino del Santo's hotel you can enjoy the typical Andalusian architecture surrounded by greenery and the river that runs through the hotel.


Swimming pool

The swimming pool of the hotel Molino del Santo is surrounded by greenery and more architecture reminiscent of the typical white villages of Southern Spain.


Magical corners

Discover the little nooks and crannies that make our hotel so special. Every day you will discover a new place that you will love.

Many customers ask us how Molino started and we have decided to explain here the story of how it began and its progress. Molino del Santo was an olive and corn mill since 150 years ago. There were two stones to grind the corn, one is still preserved in the Molino hall. In addition, there were two stone wheels to use the power of the water from the river. These wheels were under what is now the terrace.
The corn was stored in the area where rooms 5 and 6 are now and passed to the mill below because of gravity. As you go up the stairs to the hall, there is a small room on the left. In the old days this was covered with a curtain so that it was not known to exist and is where the miller kept the corn he wanted to sell on the black market. Near the mill’s chimney are the remains of the oven where bread was baked and sold in a shop where there is now a room.



There was a completely different process for crushing the olives where the kitchen is now. The cone-shaped stones used to crush the olives are now at the back of the terrace of the mill. When we renovated the building in 1987, we found many spaces underground where the olive oil was stored.
Common areas

An Andalusian salon

The lounges of the hotel Molino del Santo are perfect for relaxing and being at ease on the hottest or coldest days. In one way or another, we feel at home in the typical furniture of the Ronda region. The large fireplace that presides over the lounge makes it the perfect place to read a book and have a drink in the bar next door.

White Village

The Molino del Santo’s hotel, in addition to taking advantage of the structures, has managed to perfectly maintain a typical Andalusian design, Benaoján is a typical white village of Andalusia in the region of Malaga and more specifically Ronda. As it could not be otherwise, we kept the style of the area and now when you walk through the gardens of the hotel it seems that you are in a white village in the middle of an oasis.
All the comforts

Facilities & Services

At Molino del Santo Hotel you will find everything you need except a television. We want you to relax and enjoy the scenery or simply spend time with your loved ones in a world where we are surrounded by screens.

Laundry service

Discovering all the nooks and crannies that surround the hotel sometimes involves getting dirty, travelling long distances through the Sierra de Grazalema.

Free parking

Although the Benaoján bus stop is only 5 minutes from the hotel, if you need a car you will have no problem parking.

Swimming pool

A large swimming pool surrounded by comfortable sun loungers where you will want to spend your afternoons and cool off from time to time.


You only have to look around to see the comments our restaurant receives. Surrounded by greenery and the river. We use only local products.

Buffet breakfast

We have an extensive buffet where you can taste and enjoy the delicacies of the region. We prepare all kinds of eggs on the spot.


Our receptionists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and show you the best places in the area.

We store your luggage

We will store your luggage if you have arrived early or if you prefer to stay in the area before leaving the hotel.


We don’t have TV in the rooms, we want you to enjoy the Molino. Just relax and let yourself be carried away by the charms of Andalusia.

Contact us!

Write us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to hear from you.

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ADDRESS: Barriada estación S/N 29370 benaoján Pcia de Málaga.


Barriada estación S/N 29370 benaoján
Pcia de Málaga.


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